Friday, May 9, 2008


Three years ago Tuesday I realized that what I had felt for years was real and true and OK ... God wanted ME to be a nun! Three years have past and I still feel called. Many things have changed. Communities come and gone. Feelings up and down. Emotions crazed and peaceful. Temptations big and small. But today I have hope. Hope for my future, but especially hope for God's plan for my future. Tuesday marked three years of discernment, but Tuesday also marked the first day of my last clinical before graduating!! In three months I will finally graduate from College with my doctorate in Physical Therapy. Not only have I waited and worked six years for this degree but I have waited three of those years knowing that God was calling me to something different. Now that this time has finally come, I'm nervous and scared about what the future holds and where it will lead, because for the first time in six years, or for that matter first time in my life, I have not idea what will happen next. I don't have a definite plan and I finally have to truly and completely trust in the Lord and the Holy Spirit's guidance. But I have HOPE! For the Lord says, "For I am with you always, until the end of the age."I'm praying for you all please keep me in your prayers!
Keep the Faith!
P.S. I just got a new roommate that does not speak english!! Does anyone know Chinese by chance?? If not say a prayer that we can think of really good hand signals!


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Sarah said...

Ni how!! (which is my really bad way of writing how I hear "hello" in chinese!) The only other phrase I know is "thank you" in australian it sounds like "tshe tshe" but that's probably not much help! the start sounds like a combination of sh and an s pronounced with a lisp, the e is like in the word set.
Anyway, I just dropped by to say welcome to sister bloggers and congratulations on getting so close to the end of your course.
May the next bit of the journey be free and graced with the spirit

seeking_something said...

heh. I have a friend who is Chinese, but not sure how we can be of help. Best of luck to you.