Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Lesson Learned

Hello all!
So it has been a while since I last posted. I believe my last post was on how priceless I found my air conditioner and the many precious lives in my life. Well since then I have had quite the "adventure" with my air conditioner! I have discovered that Columbus OH has many strong storms during the summer time. The first of which I experienced a week or so after placing my air conditioner in my window. Up until this point my duct tape/ card board construction had held up in both rain and shine. Then this storm decided to pop up over Columbus, stick around for a couple of hours (it felt like forever), dump 2 inches of rain (it felt like 4), and then disappear over Columbus, it never moved! During this time water started to seep into my room, I did my best to stop the leak but before I knew it the dam broke and 2-3 buckets worth of water came rushing into my room!!!! When it calmed down enough for me to put down the buckets I tore my beautiful card board construction and air conditioner out of the window and closed the window. With in minutes the storm decided to stop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well now it was hot and steamy in my room ... AKA Sauna!!!! I cleaned up the mess in my room and the kitchen downstairs where some of the water ended up. So I now realize that I only had a half roll of duct tape left and would have to return to Home Depot to purchase some more supplies. I returned to my room 20 mins later with a large roll of the most weather proof duct tape the store sold and preceded to reconstruct my masterpiece! About 10 pm that evening I was finished, my hair now resembling a Fro and my stomach growling, but my room cool! Now that I have you all laughing, I'll tell you that the story goes on because God has a funny sense of humor! About a week or two later I was awakened by another storm to which I reflexively checked my window. It was wet but not to bad. I was prepared this time ... the towels and buckets were in place in no time! I went back to sleep. Then a second storm woke me, this time so close that the house alarm started alarming!!! This lovely power surge also fried both TVs, internet modem, and my computer charger. Therefore I had no clue that there where tornado warnings in my area! I then discovered that there was now more water coming into the kitchen downstairs, this time not through my floor/window but through the closed downstairs window!! Don't ask me how this happened because I can't explain it except to say that this apartment is REALLY cheap!!! I proceeded to clean up this mess and went back to bed ... because I was clueless to the tornado warnings! This very long story explains why I am now sitting in Panara Bread typing this email to you all on their free wireless internet. Two weeks later my apartment still does not have internet or working TVs and my landlord continues to say that she'll be over today or tomorrow to fix things!!! What did I learn from all of this besides I hate thunderstorms and window air conditioners?? You get what you pay for, for one but on a serious note, I learned that while God has a funny way of showing it God loves and protects me through the storms of my life just as He did through the storms in Columbus.
I also recently have applied and interviewed for Physical Therapy jobs for the next phase of my life. I have been offered a position at one, asked to return for a second interview at a second, and still have to interview at a third at the end of the month. Please pray for me as I discern where and what the Lord wants for me in my life. Please also pray that I can trust in God's Love and will for me.
Keep the Faith,